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Г is the diffusivity coefficient of each component in the mixture. oscillation frequencies) are neglected, the linear bubble growth rate can be reduced to: = ⍴ (5). Johann Sigismund Kusser, Apollon enjoué (Stuttgart: Paul Treu, ), Dessus d'Hautbois rd Second Dessus d'Hautbois Dessus de Violon Г F r I F Г г f J- Щ i J With this evidence, we can estimate the approximate date of the manuscripts'. Регистриран през юли г.

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Mario Erb Mario Erb. Serhat Imsak S. Ilker Yüksel I. Barne Pernot B. Kiel II. Sascha Korb S. Lasse Jürgensen L. FC Augsburg II. Julian Schwermann J.

Till Brinkmann T. SC Paderborn II. Dominik Sollfrank D. Fürth II. Leander Siemann L. Berkan Taz B. Philipp Sander P. Justin Eilers J. Christopher Lannert C.

Fabian Brosowski F. SV Lippstadt Jannik Schröder J. FC Gütersloh. Cinar Sansar C. A significant change occurred in , when certain results of work done in the USSR were disclosed for the first time.

This was followed by the gradual emergence of publications from England and the USA. It was then possible to begin some sort of an exchange of ideas and experiencea thing of incalculable value in attacking such a scientific and technical enigma as is the problem of controlled thermonuclear reactions.

In spite of the wide range of the investigations for controlled thermonuclear reactions, all of them are still in the stage of exploring various approaches to the problem.

Not a single one of these approaches has been explored to such an extent as to permit one to say that success is assured.

Apparently there is only one conviction that seems to be generally accepted, and that is that the solution of the problem must follow from a correct choice of the technique of magnetic confinement thermoinsulation for practical realization of the general idea of confining hot plasma by strong magnetic fields.

Methods of utilizing a magnetic field for the purpose of thermoinsulation and heating of plasmas may be divided into two basic groups.

One group includes methods of accelerating the plasma by electrodynamic forces; the other, methods of obtaining equilibrium plasma configurations, that is, states in which, the pressure of the plasma is balanced by magnetic pressure.

The difference between these two groups of methods becomes more distinct if we express it in terms of magnetohydrodynamics, which deals with the general laws of behavior of a conducting fluid in a magnetic field.

Under certain conditions which we shall assume fulfilled, the plasma may be regarded as analogous to a conducting fluid, macroscopically speaking.

The equation describing the behavior of a plasma under the action of electrodynamic forces is 1 where v and p are respectively the velocity and density of an elementary volume of plasma moving under the action of electrodynamic forces and a pressure difference.

The electrodynamic force acting on a unit volume of plasma is represented by the first term on the right-hand side of the equation. It is due to the interaction between the magnetic eld and the currents flowing in the plasma H is field strength and j is current density.

A glance at this equation is sufficient to see that two extreme cases are possible, each characterizing a large group of confinement methods.

If the gas kinetic pressure is relatively small, the electrodynamic force will be balanced by " inertial forces" : dv 1 Under these conditions, the plasma as a whole will acquire under the action of electrodynamic forces a directed velocity which may considerably exceed the random thermal velocity of the ions.

The kinetic energy of directed motion due to acceleration of the plasma in the magnetic field may then be utilized for subsequent heating of the substance in processes.

RESEARCH IN THE USSR of the implosive compression type, during impact of accelerated plasmoids on a target, etc.

Some concrete techniques of such utilization will be described below. Characteristic of this type of plasma-magnetic field interaction is the short duration of the process.

Obviously, such momentary pulsed processes will be of considerable interest only if it is possible to utilize them as the first phase in heating the plasma.

This phase should result in the transformation of kinetic energy into heat and in the transition to some quasi-stationary state in which the rapid inertial motions remaining after the first phase should damp out within a very short time.

An opposite case will occur if acceleration of the plasma is small and if the " inertial term " on the left-hand side of the equation may be disregarded compared with the pressure gradient.

One may imagine a multiplicity of ways for attaining such equilibrium plasma configurations characterizing a quasi-stationary state of plasma in a magnetic field.

At present the following trends appear to be emerging in more or less clear outline: a Development of methods for confinement and heating of plasma in systems with large closed discharge currents which are maintained by an external voltage and stabilized by an external magnetic field; b Research into magnetic traps in which a hightemperature plasma is produced by accumulation of fast particles injected into the trap.

This classification of different approaches to the problem of obtaining and maintaining high temperatures in plasmas is of course very incomplete, but within the scope of this paper it is quite natural, since it corresponds to the principal directions of research on controlled thermonuclear reactions in the USSR.

Before describing some concrete results obtained in the theoretical and experimental studies carried out along the lines mentioned above, I should like to touch on some questions relating to the general properties of future thermonuclear reactors.

Of course I fully realize that at the present stage of our knowledge any discussion of such questions can only rest on our faith in the ultimate triumph of human ingenuity.

First it is necessary to note that, irrespective of which concrete variant of magnetic system is proposed as a technical solution of the thermonuclear energy problem, the system must satisfy one fundamental condition: the energy released in nuclear fusion must cover by a wide margin the energy.

In this formula, H is the intensity of the plasmaconfining magnetic field and is the time the high temperature is maintained in the plasma.

The quantity 7] denotes that fraction of the thermal energy of the plasma which is converted into electrical energy at the end of the operation cycle.

The constant A depends on the nuclear fuel selected. Under the most optimistic assumptions concerning the character of the processes occurring in a thermonuclear generator, this constant may be taken as equal to for pure deuterium and for a mixture of D and T in equal proportion.

These values of the constant are based on the supposition that thermonuclear reactions in the plasma proceed at an " optimum " temperature, which for deuterium amounts to 50 kev 5 X K and for the D-T mixture to 15 kev 1.

When applying the inequality 2 with the indicated values of the constant A one must bear in mind that strictly speaking it refers to the ideal case, where there is no escape of particles from the plasma in the high-temperature regime.

This implies that the particle lifetime coincides with the time the high temperature is maintained in the plasma. From condition 2 it follows that the shorter the time interval during which a high temperature is maintained, the higher the intensity of the magnetic field must be.

In order to satisfy these requirements by means of present-day electrical facilities, one must have some method for confinement of the fast particles of the plasma during periods of time of the order of seconds or even tens of seconds.

To illustrate, if T is put equal to 10 seconds then the field strength in a generator with pure deuterium must be of the order of 30, gauss.

This value is within limits technically feasible for stationary apparatus. However, it should be pointed out that in this case the power released per unit volume of the generator would be small, and for such a complex machine to be workable it would have to be of an enormous size.

We shall now examine the problem of direct conversion of thermonuclear energy into electric power. The energy released in a fusion reaction consists of two different parts that play quite unequal roles in the operation of a thermonuclear generator.

The energy carried away by neutrons produces no effect on the processes occurring in a plasma. In the balance of electric energy produced by a generator, this part can participate with an efficiency that does not exceed 0.

The other part of the nuclear fusion energy is related to the charged particles produced in the high-energy reaction; it is.

The possibility of a transformation of this nature stems from the fact that during magnetic thermoinsulation the high-temperature nuclear fuel is surrounded by a strong magnetic field which is similar to an elastic shell compressing the plasma.

Upon expansion a plasma heated to a high temperature does work against the magnetic pressure at the expense of thermal energy which is thus converted into electromagnetic energy.

If the maximum temperature of the plasma at the onset of expansion is equal to T and the minimum temperature to which the plasma cools at the end of each work cycle of the thermonuclear generator is T2, the maximum value of 7] will be given by the familiar formula.

In most methods of exciting controlled thermonuclear reactions the energy source is either deuterium or a mixture of deuterium and tritium.

Of these two types of nuclear fuel, the future will, apparently, belong to the D-T mixture. Its chief merit is the large value of the reaction cross section.

In the temperature interval of practical interest the yield of a mixture with equal parts of D and T exceeds that of pure D by two orders of magnitude.

Though the tritium obtained from conventional atomic reactors is at present a very expensive nuclear fuel, this can only be a temporary barrier to its use, for there exist methods that can easily compensate the tritium used up in a thermonuclear generator.

In each elementary D-T reaction event, a nucleus of tritium disappears and a fast If a thermonuclear generator is surrounded with a sufficiently thick layer of a substance in which fast neutrons induce n, 2n reactions, it should be possible to increase substantially the initial neutron From the foregoing it follows that at least in flux.

For neutron multiplication via n, 2n reprinciple it is possible to make 7] very close to unity, actions we may use either beryllium or such heavy inasmuch as the upper temperature in the thermal elements as lead or bismuth.

If any one of these substances is considerable reduction of the temperature during used as the shell of the thermonuclear reactor the expansion can be accomplished only at the expense of number of neutrons should increase roughly 1.

In the case 2-fold. This enhanced neutron flux may be utilized of adiabatic expansion, the temperature is inversely for breeding tritium by disintegration of Li6.

An 2JZ proportional to V , where V is the plasma volume. This implies that, during the period of time exceed 1.

Therefore, as long as there is no chamber in the thermonuclear generator, the redanger that the accessible supplies of Li 6 on the maining volume being filled solely by the strong earth will be exhausted, thermonuclear reactors can magnetic field.

Since only a small part of the genebe operated on a D-T mixture with regeneration of rator volume is utilized at 73 close to unity, some tritium.

To this we may add that even if for some compromise value of 7 , probably not exceeding 0. Moreover, the thermal USSR.

Our attention will be directed chiefly to the conditions in the system are also more favorable results of recent work that have not yet been extensince the thermal load on the plasma chamber walls sively discussed.

I shall present the material in is lower. This can In studies of pulsed processes of short duration, readily be seen if we recall that a large part of the the main efforts thus far have been concentrated on energy released in nuclear synthesis is carried away powerful pulsed discharges in deuterium at low by neutrons and cannot therefore be directly transpressure.

The principal idea here is to obtain a formed into electric energy. In the initial phase of the pulsed discharge the plasma is pinched to the axis of the discharge tube.

This compression is the first stage of rapid oscillation of the plasma column. Maximum temperature and density is reached when the column radius is a minimum.

Two stages can be discerned in the theoretical analysis of phenomena occurring in plasma during pulsed discharges.

At first a very simple model was used for a qualitative description of the dynamics of the plasma column. The motion of the ionized gas as a whole under the action of given electro dynamic forces was examined.

At the next stage an attempt was made to carry out a more rigorous quantitative calculation of the contraction and pulsation of the plasma column that would take into account the formation and implosion of shock waves in the plasma and the time variation of the mass of the moving gas.

This calculation was performed in the magnetohydrodynamic approximation in which the plasma was regarded as a monatomic gas with constant conductivity.

Even in this extremely idealized form the problem reduced to a complex system of partial differential equations which can be solved only by numerical integration in large electronic computors.

The solution of this problem yields data on the density, temperature and drift velocity for each part of the plasma column at different instants of time, and also data concerning the distribution of the current density and magnetic and electric fields in the plasma.

The volume of this information is far in excess of what can be derived from experimental studies of the properties of plasmas.

However, the reliability of theoretical results for a series of the more important special cases can be checked against experimental findings.

This can be done for the distribution of current density and radial velocity of the plasma, since these characteristics of the process are accessible to experimental determination.

A comparison of theory and experiment of this kind was performed in a number of particular cases, and as a whole resulted in satisfactory agreement, at least as regards the initial stage of the pulsed process up to the second phase of compression.

For this reason, one may regard as justified the use of the results of theoretical calculations to estimate the magnitude of quantities which cannot readily be measured experimentally with sufficient accuracy.

Most important of such characteristics of the plasma are the temperature at the instant of maximum implosion of the shock wave and the density distribution of the substance at this instant of time.

As numerical calculations have shown, the following equation may be used to evaluate the lower limit of the temperature at the first compression maximum:.

This equation gives the mean plasma temperature in kev on the assumption of ideal heat exchange between ions and electrons.

The temperature distribution along the radius of the column is plotted in Fig. The dashed line is the mean value of T.

Due to a cumulative effect created by the incident shock wave, the temperature at small distances from the axis rises sharply and exceeds the mean value several-fold.

We may therefore confidently use it to estimate the lower limit of the temperature achieved in the latest experiments on powerful pulsed discharges.

Figure 2 shows the density distribution of matter at the instant of implosion. The maximum density at this instant is from 30 to 40 times the original density of the gas.

One of the interesting peculiarities of the theoretically determined density distribution is the low value in the neighbourhood of the column axis.

This type of density variation is directly connected with the temperature rise near the axis the pressure, proportional to pT, should level out in this region.

Experiments conducted during recent years on high-power pulsed discharges have continued the main trend of earlier research, the results of which were published in and are well known to our colleagues.

In the recent experiments, much attention has been devoted to raising the parameters of the pulsed discharge with the aim of attaining higher temperatures.

Design refinements in the spark-gap system and electric power system have made it possible to raise considerably the voltage per unit length of the discharge tube and simultaneously reduce the spurious inductance of the circuit.

This has resulted in a several-fold increase in the rate of current build-up and in a rise of the current during the first contraction up to ka in a discharge tube 50 cm long and 40 cm in diameter.

Figure 3 shows the temperature in a plasma column as a function of the initial voltage applied to a discharge tube filled with deuterium at initial pressure of 0.

The temperature was calculated from Eq. For this reason, we may assume with a high degree of confidence that in the experiments mentioned a temperature exceeding 3 to 4 million degrees was actually attained.

One conclusion therefrom is that the neutron emission observed under these conditions is due in large measure to thermonuclear reactions.

In this connection, mention should be made of the fact that in such high-power processes neutrons appear immediately after the first phase of compression, that is, when both the temperature and density are at a maximum, and the neutron pulse is spread out over a period of the order of a microsecond.

At present, however, proof or disproof of the thermonuclear origin of a small burst of neutron emission in the pulse discharge is hardly of such importance as to warrant special attention in discussions on this subject.

This is why I do not consider it necessary to insist that in the above-mentioned experiments thermonuclear reactions were actually observed.

The question of whether a given neutron belongs to the noble race of descendants of thermonuclear reactions or whether it is the dubious offspring of a shady acceleration process is something that may worry the pressmen but at the present stage in the development of our problem it should not ruffle the composure of the specialists.

When the number of neutrons arising in a single discharge pulse reaches a value in excess of then all doubt as to the origin of this effect will vanish.

However, in order to achieve thermonuclear neutron emission of this magnitude in pulsed discharges, it will be necessary to conduct experiments with electric circuits of considerably higher parameters than have been involved heretofore.

The chief difficulty in this direction is that further increase of the power of the discharge pulse is impeded by heating of the chamber walls.

To a certain degree, this difficulty may be surmounted by using sectional metal-walled chambers. However, attempts should be made in other directions.

For example, an interesting possibility would be magnetic protection of the walls and the use of vacuum chambers with local injection of directed streams of gas.

Besides the series of experiments with high-power discharges, a number of other investigations were carried out to study the different properties of the high-temperature plasma in a pulsed discharge.

Much headway has been made in spectroscopic studies of plasma. After a method had been developed for obtaining streak photographs of discharge spectras, it was found that at the instant of the first maximum compression a sharp flash of the continuum was observed throughout the whole range.

This flash is particularly vivid in the photograph in Fig. The flash of the continuum is explained by the fact that at the instant of maximum compression there is a jump in the degree of ionization of the plasma and, consequently, in the concentration of free electrons, the result being an intensive bremsstrahlung and recombination glow.

By measuring the intensity of the continuum in a given spectral range, it is possible to measure the density of the plasma with sufficient accuracy on the assumption of total ionization.

As calculations show, due to a fortuitous play of numbers, the intensity of the emission is very insensitive to the magnitude of the electron temperature.

For this reason, any arbitrariness in choice of the electron temperature produces practically no effect on the value of the density derived from measurements of the spectral continuum.

Density measurements carried out in this way yield data that are in good agreement with the values obtained from magnetohydrodynamic theory.

Spectral investigations likewise permit evaluation of the plasma temperature from Doppler broadening of impurity lines.

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Likomanova, Pcoplc in My Lilc 6 story ol cvcry particular narrator. Tat is why thc parallcl social sphcrcs arc outlincd according to thcir thematic boundarics.

A topic ol thc story, as part ol it, may bc prcscnt as a lragmcnt a continuous narrativc, but also as thc background to othcr cvcnts subtopics.

As wc havc obscrvcd in anothcr study, thc gcncral topic ol thc story is morc or lcss thc samc, but intcnsity richncss in dctail is dicrcnt in dicrcnt lragmcnts lilc cvcnts.

Somc ol thc cvcnts can bc rclcrrcd to considcrably morc oltcn than othcrs, somc may bc morc rccurrcnt than othcrs, and somc can bc complctcly cvadcd, although wc know that thcy arc prcscnt in thc lilc ol thc narrator lor instancc, onc ol thcm mcntioncd ncithcr hcr husband nor thcir wcdding until!

Tc lrcqucncy with which pcrsons arc rclcrrcd to within thc lramcwork ol topic lragmcnts is also lookcd at in tcrms ol social groups according to scx.

Howcvcr, this docs not hold truc lor thc cvcryday circlc lathcr, mothcr, husband and childrcn , who arc lrcqucntly mcntioncd lor objcctivc considcrations and rarcly commcntcd.

Tat is why wc shall distinguish hcrc bctwccn thc objecti. Tis also changcs thcir participation in thc gcncral schcmc ol socialization thcir appcarancc in thc story is provokcd by thc rcscarchcr rathcr than occurring in thc natural ow ol narration.

Tc most lrcqucnt topics in thc rccordcd onchour lilc historics ol ninc lcmalc narrators arc thcir childhood, thcir own family, thcir own house, work, to somc cxtcnt thcir cducation thcirs and thcir childrcns.

Tc topics can bc statistically dividcd into two groups according to thc prcscncc ol othcr pcrsons in thc lilc ol thc narrator: a considcrably.

For morc, scc!. Likomanova and T. Education occurs as a scparatc subtopic, but only in somc ol thc storics with thc prcscncc ol thrcc pcrsons in it.

Tis coincidcs, to somc cxtcnt, with thc continuancc ol topics in thc story. Tis is thc most dcnscly populatcd pcriod in thc lilc ol thc intcrvicwccs, and also socially thc most intcnsc pcriod, with thc most numcrous intcrpcrsonal rclations.

Tcsc arc prcdominantly mcmbcrs ol thc narrators nuclcar and cxtcndcd lamily and can bc subdividcd hcrc according to both scx and gcncration group.

Tc pcrsons lrom this pcriod will bc dividcd into pcrsons ol malc and lcmalc scx. Tcir proportion in thc topic lragmcnt in all cascs totals : : to a slight advantagc ol lcmalc pcrsons.

At thc samc timc, ol all malcs, thc batata lathcr , mcntioncd timcs in total, is thc pcrson most lrcqucntly rclcrrcd to, whilc bratja brothcrs in thc lamily arc mcntioncd 8 timcs as wcll as othcrs.

Tis is hcr rst lamily, and il! Tc lamily ol thc intcrvicwcd. Tc womcn! Tcy sct up thcir lamilics o or 6o ycars ago, bclorc thc Sccond Vorld Var.

Tc principlc that govcrncd in that pcriod is lormulatcd by onc ol thcm: One gets married easily before :c, but later, no Granny ana. Tc intcrvicwccs havc bccn living mostly in small towns and villagcs up to :o,ooo inhabitants.

Tcsc scttlcmcnts, howcvcr, wcrc cvcn smallcr at thc timc not morc than vc or six thousand and all thc inhabitants kncw cach!.

Likomanova, Pcoplc in My Lilc 6 othcr. Futurc spouscs wcrc choscn chicy lrom among thc ncighbours, vcry oltcn with thc mcdiation ol rclativcs and without prcviously knowing cach othcr.

Gcncrally, thc maxim Povcrty is no sin lunctioncd quitc clcarly in that pcriod. Askcd what thcir lilc was likc, onc ol thc womcn told mc: Our life.

Tc housc. Tc pcculiarity in this lragmcnt ol thc story is that thcrc is virtually no scxbascd dicrcntiation among thc pcrsons introduccd in thc story, thcrc is a balancc bctwccn thc pcrsons ol malc and lcmalc scx: in thcsc lragmcnts thc lathcr is complctcly omittcd, but thcrc appcar workcrs, most oltcn hclping in thc construction ol thc lamily hoousc.

Strcss is laid on thc ncw homc and hcrc thc rccurrcncc is noticcablc ol statcmcnts such as E. Tc topic. Agricultural work, howcvcr, is not considcrcd as rcal work:!

Vork still pcrvadcs thc thoughts and drcams ol thc intcrvicwcd cldcrly womcn. Tc ncxt typological lcaturc ol thc lilc historics is thc prcscncc ol dcnitc, dcsignatcd pcrsons.

Again rclcrcncc to thc closcst pcrsons has bccn analyzcd, but this timc not just within thc dcncd topic lragmcnts but throughout thc lilc history.

Pcrsons lrom thc kinship circlc in thc story. Sincc all thc intcrvicwccs arc lcmalc, thcy rcprcscnt thc womcns picturc ol thcir world: in it thc husband is thc pcrson most lrcqucntly rclcrrcd to: hc appcars 6 timcs, rclcrrcd to by his name, by a noun husband, man, and by a pronoun he, him, as wcll as by kinship tcrms in rclation to othcr pcrsons in thc story: my mother-in-la.

Statistically, bctwccn thcm arc thc narrators children thcy arc mcntioncd o timcs. Tc childrcn arc not prcscntcd hcrc scparatcly bccausc thc parcnts thcmsclvcs rclcr to thcm by thc collcctivc noun the children.

Morcovcr, thc lamilics ol that gcncration, which is thc gcncration ol our grandmothcrs, as a rulc wcrc not only numcrous, but also had a lot ol childrcn.

Tat is why hcrc! Likomanova, Pcoplc in My Lilc 6 housc, thcy havc bccn workcd with sincc childhood somcthing typical ol a big patriarchal lamily. As this survcy docs not havc as its aim to show thc mcrc lrcqucncy ol rclcrcnccs in thc story, comparison with thc lrcqucncy dictionary ol 8ulgarian colloquial spccch is appropriatc.

Tcrc thc rst noun lrom thc kinship vocabulary is majka mothcr it holds thc :nd placc, but il combincd with mama mummy , which holds placc no.

Pcrsons lrom othcr social sphcrcs in thc story. Tcsc arc prcdominantly mcmbcrs ol inlormal groups in thc villagc or town: boys 8 timcs, girls timcs, lads : timcs, malefemale friends, neighbours timcs.

Tcsc also arc dicrcnt prolcssional circlcs with which thc narrator has communicatcd in dicrcnt pcriods ol hcr lilc, on dicrcnt occasions and in a varicty ol situations prcscntcd in thc story: colleagues, craftsmen, teachers timcs, doctors timcs, thc master timcs, thc police timcs, thc salesman : timcs,.

Vc know lrom thc contcnts ol thc lilc historics that thc lilc objcctivc prcscncc ol a numbcr ol pcrsons has bccn dicrcnt lrom thc picturc prcscntcd.

Tus, lor instancc, thc mothcr is prcscnt in thc lilc ol a child much morc activcly and with much morc timc, cspccially in thc childs carly ycars.

Morc than oncc thc narrator gavc an uncxpcctcd rcply to a purposivc qucstion. Tis typc ol dcviations should bc thc subjcct ol anothcr rcscarch.

Tc samc may bc said lor thc topic. Faculty of Sla. Tc holy king cult to which, in a broadcr scnsc, that ol regnansmartyr also bclongs, provcs to bc a uropcanwidc phcnomcnon.

Rcccting both idcological continuity and changc, it varics rcvcalingly with thc cpoch and cultural cn vironmcnt ol thc protagonists involvcd.

Sccking to dcnc thc typc with morc prccision, modcrn scholarship has lookcd at thc pcrsonalitics ol rulcrs, thc realia associatcd with thcir rcigns, and thc vcry acts ol martyrdom.

Tis litcraturc took shapc undcr thc powcrlul inucncc ol thc monastic idcal, which proloundly marks thc typical portrait ol a holy king.

Almost as a rulc, thc hcro ol a hagiographic narrativc is charactcrizcd by traditional. Klaniczay, Holy Ful- ers and Blessed Princesses. Dynastic Cults in Medie.

A distinctivc group ol royal martyrs arc thosc who sucrcd pro patria et gente propria. Notwithstanding this carly and vcry old lunction ol kingship, which nds cxprcssion in carly rulcr cults, thc royal martyr primarily is a lavouritc with thc Church and his dcvotion is cxprcsscd in crccting churchcs, giving donations to monastcrics and protccting thc clcrgy.

His conccrn lor justicc cnsurcs pcrlcct pcacc, harmony and quictncss, thc idcals ol Gods kingdom on carth.

Sincc such conduct conlcrs ccrtain clcrical lunctions upon his kingship, carly typcs ol holy kings may bc rightly classicd as conlorm to thc rex-sacerdos pattcrn.

A lcaturc common to all thc citcd rulcr cults is rccognizablc in hagiographics whcrc thc passio ol a ncw martyr as a rulc is shapcd on thc modcl ol Christs passion.

Vc shall try to show that Scrbian socictics, thcir many distinct lcaturcs notwithstanding, sought to build thc cults ol thcir own holy kings in much thc samc way as most ol uropc.

Tc clcvcnth. Arrignon, L! Graus, La sanctication du souvcrain dans luropc ccntralc dcs X c ct X! Te Creation of Sacred Spaces in By.

As shown by wcll studicd 8yzantinc cxamplcs, thc link bctwccn thc cult ol saints and authority bccomcs obvious, and publicly proclaimcd in contcmporary hagiography.

Vc can obscrvc holy mcns incrcasing rcputc and importancc, thcir way up on thc social laddcr, thc inucncc thcy bcgin to cxcrt in thc cld ol activc politics.

Tc popularity ol a monastic vocation in thc astcrn Christian world lcads to thc monastic idcal bcing cmbraccd by rcprcscntativcs ol thc highcst political circlcs as carly as thc tcnth ccntury, and it cvcn lcavcs its mark on thc dcvclopmcnt ol thc cmpcror cult.

Tc said modcl undoubtcdly inucnccd thc cult ol cmpcror Nikcphoros!! Phokas 66 , incrcasingly popular in thc Slavic world lrom thc thirtccnth ccntury.

Contcmporary wcstcrn Livcs ol martyrcd rulcrs mccting thcir cnd whilc praying, at thc church door, or pcrlorming ascctical practiccs as cmpcror Phokas did by slccping.

For 8yzantinc cxamplcs, scc thc cxccptionally usclul volumc Te By. Patlagcan, Saintct ct Pouvoir, , and R. Morris, Tc Political Saint ol thc lcvcnth Ccntury, o.

Tc clcvation to sanctity ol highcstranking mcmbcrs ol thc sccular and church hicrarchics in 8yzantium is ob scrvablc in thc thirtccnth ccntury as wcll, scc, in thc samc volumc, R.

Macridcs, Saints and Sainthood in thc arly Palaiologan Pcriod, Camcron, n dcning thc holy mcn in Te Cult of Saints in Late ntiquity and the Middle ges.

Essays on the Contribution of Peter Bro. HowardJohnson and P. As shown by thc rcscarch ol P. Magdalino, Tc 8yzantinc Holy Man in thc Twcllth Ccntury, in By.

A wclllikcd topos in such tcxts is thc murdcrcrs rcpcntancc and his assumption ol thc lcading rolc in thc cnsuing proccss ol canonization.

Rclcvant to thc shaping ol thc cmpcrors cultic imagc was thc lact that thc monk Athanasios actcd as his spiritual lathcr.

An cmphasis on this ncw spiritual lincagc and thc ascctical tradition cmbraccd by Phokas accommodatc thc cclcbration ol thc cmpcrors sanctity to thc lramc ol currcnt picty and popularity ol thc cult ol ascctics and martyrs.

Patlagcan, Lc 8asilcus Assasin ct la saintct impcrialc, in Media in Francia. Fecueil de melanges oert Karl Ferdinand!

Schrcincr, Aspcktc dcr politischcn Hciligcnvcrchrung in 8yzanz in Politik und Heiligen. Tc surviving vcrsion, known as thc Lcgcnd ol Jovan and Kosara, is incorporatcd into thc twcllthccntury Latin chroniclc Te nnals of a Priest of Dioclea.

Although thc act ol ultimatc sacricc is thc main rcquircmcnt lor martyrdom, thc Livcs ol royal martyrs as a rulc introducc thc rcadcr, or thc listcncr, to thcir prospcctivc sanctity.

Graus, Lebendige! Uberlieferung im Mittelalter und in den! So my brcthrcn,! Unsurprisingly, a divinc mcsscngcr appcars to him.

Gods angcl announccs thc coursc ol luturc cvcnts and thcir lortunatc outcomc, namcly that hc is to carn thc Kingdom ol God and bc rcwardcd with thc unwithcring wrcath ol ctcrnal lilc.

Not at all inlrcqucntly, cvcn thc list ol posthumous miraclcs includcs somc that in lact arc rccognizablc Ncw Tcstamcnt motils.

Marjanoviuani, ynastic ct saintct a lpoquc dc la lamillc dcs Lazarcvi: cxcmplcs ancicns ct nouvcaux modlcs, Fecueil des tra. Marjanoviuani, Pattcrns ol Martyrial Sanctity day and night.

Tc kings virtuousncss, a common motil in thc accounts ol a prospcctivc saints rcign, also rcvcals itscll in his pcrlcct rulc ovcr his pcoplc, consistcnt with avids psalm about thc lcar ol God as thc bcginning ol all wisdom.

Tis is not only thc wisdom ol a monk, but indccd ol a statcsman. Typical ol thc clcvcnth ccntury in all ol its dctails, and comparablc with similar cults lrom thc Slavic world, thc cult ol this royal saint undcrgocs a changc in thc twcllth ccntury as rcgards thc imagc ol thc cxcmplary rulcr.

Tc martyrial cults ol holy kings cmcrgc in mcdicval Scrbia only in thc ltccnth ccntury, undcr thc inucncc ol complctcly dicrcnt motivcs.

Tcy bccomc ttcd into a changcd cultic lramcwork and bcar littlc rcscmblancc to thc clcvcnthccntury cults ol martyrs. Tc cults ol national royal saints associatc domcstic dynastics with thc ld Tcstamcntbascd traditions ol Godchoscnncss, which play a ccntral rolc in thc proccsscs ol sccuring political lcgitimation lor ruling houscs.

Klaniczay, Limagc chcvalcrcsquc du saint roi au X!! Kuhncl, Tc Usc and Abusc ol Jcrusalcm in Te Feal and Ideal Jerusalem in Je.

Popovi, Moti svctog Lukc srpska cpizoda Tc Rclics ol St Lukc thc Scr bian pisodc , in adcm, Pod okriljem s. Tc most intcrcsting issuc hcrc is thc manncr ol crcating thc holy kings memoria in conlormity with thc notion ol cult propcr to thc latc mcdicval scnsibility.

SubotinGolubovi, Svcti apostol Luka, poslcdnji zatitnik srpskc zcmljc in udo u slo. Trilunovi, Ogledi i pre.

Richka, Kii. Drugi Yerusalim Kicv, :oo , 6. Flusin, Construirc unc nouvcllc Jrusalcm: Constantinoplc ct lcs rcliqucs in LOrient dans l histoire religieuse de l Europe.

Amir Moczzi and J. Tclling arc thc wcllstudicd cxamplcs ol thc translatio Hierosolymi idca rclatcd to Tir novo and Moscow, two capitals shapcd on thc modcl ol Constantinoplc.

Tapko vaZaimova, Tarnovo mczhdu rusalim, Rim i Tsarigrad! Marjanoviuani, Pattcrns ol Martyrial Sanctity cclcbratcd sucrcr ol thc 8attlc ol Kosovo thc memoria draws upon two crucial points: thc violcnt dcath ol thc hcro murdcrcd altcr thc battlc, and thc halo ol martyrdom acquircd by a dcath sucrcd in dclcncc ol thc lathcrland against thc indcl, both clcmcnts dcrivc lrom thc practicc ol cmulating Christ, so important in lounding a saintly cult.

Anothcr signi cant phasc in thc vcncration ol saints involvcs manilcstations ol miraclc. A changc, both in structurc and in manncrs ol cxpanding thc arca cnvisagcd lor miraclcs, is obscrvablc in a changcd modcl ol sanctity.

An intcgral and csscntial componcnt ol thc mcdicval mcntality is thc lundamcntal bclicl in thc omniprcscncc ol thc supcrnatural and its continual intcrvcntion in thc world ol thc living.

Tus miraclcs arc thc most important manilcstation whcrcby a closc conncction bctwccn thc carthly and thc hcavcnly comcs to bc dcncd.

Tc princcs hagiographcrs and writcrs ol occs insist on thc martyrs crown that his dcath, and cspccially his dccapitation, carncd him.

His powcrs as a saint arc cxpcctcd in praycrs. Sctting up thc ncw saints memoriae also involvcs crcating an appro priatc sacral spacc csscntial to thc cult.

Not only a mattcr ol a spacc in thc church, it is a thrcclaycr phcnomcnon comprising a particular way ol marking thc placc ol dcath, a carclully dcsigncd luncrary wholc ccntrcd on thc original gravc, thc translation and dcposition ol thc body in anothcr gravc, and, nally, thc composition ol culogics outlining thc main lcaturcs or typc ol thc sanctity in thc making.

Tis drilt away lrom thc prcvious martyrrulcr pattcrns in Scrbian tradition has its rcasons, and is basically a rcsult ol thc cstablishmcnt ol a ncw pattcrn.

Tc ncw cult docs not lall within thc lamilial or dynastic typc ol sanctity, bccausc it is not intcndcd as a sourcc ol a ncw holy dynasty.

Vhat Lazar acquircs through his martyr dom is pcrsonal sanctity. Princc Lazars gravc, in his loundation at. Mannheim, Wilpert J. Die gottgeweihten Jungfrauen in den ersten Jahrhunderten der Kirche.

Freiburg im Breisgau, Mayer J. Florilegium patristicum tam veteris quam medii aevi auctores complectens. Bonnae, Funk F.

Botte B. Commentaria in Iohannem. Commentaire sur S. CA III. Epistola ad Philadelphienses. Homilia in Lucam. Homelie sur S. Paris, , pp. Homilia in Isaiam.

Opera omnia. Migne J.

XIII-th International Conference Knowledge-Dialogue-Solution June , , Varna (Bulgaria) PROCEEDINGS Volume 2 ITHEA SOFIA, Gladun V.P., Kr.K. Markov, A.F. Voloshin, Kr.M. Ivanova (editors) Proceedings of the XIII-th International Conference “Knowledge-Dialogue-Solution” – Varna, Volume 2 Sofia, Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA, Bulgaria– . The origin of the Institute goes back to the Institut des Études balkaniques founded in Belgrade in as the only of the kind in the Balkans. The initiative came from King Alexander I Kardjordjević, while the Institute’s scholarly profile was created by Ratko Parežanin and Svetozar Spanaćević. The Institute published Revue internationale des Études balkaniques, which assembled most prominent European . Can - Wikipedia https:// menace-tv.com /wiki/ Can Container. Aluminum can ; Tin can, a rigid steel or tinplate container for. Johannes Brahms - Stuttgarter Solisten. KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH, Bad Four Kings Trinkspiel, will present itself at AMB booth 8C40 in a refreshingly different manner. CeramTec is Wales Belgien Em 2021 high-quality cutting materials and tool holding systems Beckham Frisuren metal machining as well as technical ceramics for forming processes and wear protection at the AMB in Stuttgart from September 18th to 22nd. Тема: Berkay Özcan [31], Записи: , Последнее сообщение: 25 янв. г. - Часов. menace-tv.com › post › question Suche einen Deutschlehrer in Stuttgart Hallo,ich suche absofort einen Deutschlehrer in Stuttgart. in Stuttgart. 29 июля г., 0. 0. Ответы · 0 I am looking for someone to practice English, we can speak in both languages! Thanks! Hier gehts zur neuen Website. Die erste Freestyle Indoor Base Deutschlands ist ein moderner Spielplatz für alle Freestyler.

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The fusion of the real and virtual world is what the current pilot project can be called.


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