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Tribal Wars 2 Login

Doch Tribal Wars 2 ist viel mehr als nur ein simples Strategie-Stadtbau-Spiel - du musst außerdem eine Armee aufbauen, indem du Soldaten rekrutierst und. In Tribal Wars 2, dem Nachfolger zum legendären Browserspiel "Die Stämme", geht die Schlacht ums Mittelalter in eine neue Runde. Tritt ein in eine Welt mit Generälen und politischen Entscheidungen - das kostenlose Online-Strategiespiel Tribal Wars 2 erwartet dich. Melde dich jetzt bei TW2.

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Baue dein Dorf und dein Imperium aus! Verbünde dich mit anderen Spielern, um mächtige Stämme zu gründen! Entsende deine Armee und schütze deine. Login to Tribal Wars 2 ( Username: Password: Submit. If you do not know or remember your username or password, please click here. sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über Tribal Wars 2. Lade Tribal Wars 2 und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.

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Tritt ein in eine Welt mit Generälen und politischen Entscheidungen - das kostenlose Online-Strategiespiel Tribal Wars 2 erwartet dich. Melde dich jetzt bei TW2. Doch Tribal Wars 2 ist viel mehr als nur ein simples Strategie-Stadtbau-Spiel - du musst außerdem eine Armee aufbauen, indem du Soldaten rekrutierst und. Login to Tribal Wars 2 ( Username: Password: Submit. If you do not know or remember your username or password, please click here. Baue dein Dorf und dein Imperium aus! Verbünde dich mit anderen Spielern, um mächtige Stämme zu gründen! Entsende deine Armee und schütze deine.

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Can't log in? Go back to: Buildings overview The Headquarters gives you an overview of your Kingdom and allows you to construct buildings and research technologies.

Category : Buildings. This page was last edited on 23 February , at Construction conditions. The construction of buildings is associated with 5 things:.

An example of the requirement of a higher level of the Town Hall: The Town Hall is associated with many other buildings, as the Town Hall level determines which buildings are available for construction.

In the example below, the requirements of the Town Hall for the construction of the Wall have been met construction of the Wall is possible.

The market is inaccessible for construction, because the level of the Town Hall is below the 6th. In order to be able to build a market, you must first upgrade the Town Hall to level 6.

Basic information. A map is a graphic display of all objects in the game world. The map is the main navigation tool in the game. The game features two cards.

You can see a regular map by zooming out the image. After that, you can familiarize yourself with the objects surrounding your village.

You can use the keyboard arrows to move, or the mouse button just hold down the left button and drag the map in the direction you need.

When you hover over the village, the main information about it will appear on the screen. When you click the left mouse button, a series of possible actions related to this village will appear, such as entering troops or operations with resources.

Using the "world map" function, you can go to any village by its coordinates. Just click on the "world map" button and in the window that appears, enter the coordinates of the village you want to go to.

You can save up to 10 favorite villages in the search box. This way you can easily access frequently used goals. Each kingdom consists of numerous provinces.

Their exact number and size differ in every world. The boundaries of the provinces are indicated by small stones that line up in a clear line:.

Each province has a so-called "landmark building", by clicking on which, you can find out the rating of the province. Here are some examples of landmark buildings:.

Area - limit on the number of attacks. The square is the meeting place of your troops. This is where you can coordinate all your attacks and reinforcements.

The number of attacks that you can simultaneously send from one village is limited. Troops sent as reinforcements do not count towards this limit.

If the number of attacks reaches the limit 50 attacks , then you have to wait until one of your armies returns to the village. You can see the results of the battle in the reports that come to the players after each battle.

Sending an army. Once you have recruited several warriors, you can send them to attack. Just go to the map and click on the village you want to attack.

Then select "Send troops. It is important not to forget that every village has a certain level of protection, and also that troops can be in the village.

Each type of troops has its advantages and disadvantages, so some soldiers are more suitable for attack, and some for defense. Movement of troops available only in new worlds.

In new worlds, you will see an additional tab in the attack window: Troop Movement. If you select this tab, you can permanently move troops from one village to another.

After that, the troops will advance to the village of your choice and remain there as the main army. You will be able to control these troops from the new village after they move.

This feature provides an additional advantage in the battle strategy, since you can move troops from villages that are safe to villages that are on the combat front.

The function has some limitations:. Tired of entering the number of troops each time to send an attack? Use Templates. A template can be created in the Squares menu.

For each template, you can select the name, icon, number and type of troops. After creating the template, you can use it in all your villages.

Templates can be used for attacks, reinforcements, and also for recruiting troops. In the case of recruitment, the number of troops that you indicated in the template will be recruited in the Barracks.

If your village is constantly being attacked, it means that the attacker wants to get your resources, or to capture your village. If there is no nobleman among the attacking forces, then most likely the player is simply robbing your village.

If there are several ways to protect the village:. Also, the use of troops suitable for the defense of the city will be a good defense. A review of the troops is available in the article "troops".

At the beginning of the game, to protect the city, the Paladin is well suited. Defending the city will be even better if other players send their Paladins to you as reinforcements.

Do not forget to build a hospital. If you lose troops during the defense of the city, then some troops can be restored and reused.

Troops located in the Hospital do not participate in the battle. Sometimes your tribe will need your help. To do this, click on the village where you want to send reinforcements, select "Send troops", and select the "reinforcements" tab.

Select the troops to send and click on the "Reinforcement" button. At the 2nd level of the Statue, you will be able to explore the "hiking step".

Then, when sending the Paladin together with the army, the speed of movement of all troops will be equal to the speed of movement of the Paladin.

Also, you can send a tactical commander who will act as a Paladin. When attacking your reinforcements, you will receive a report indicating the troops that you lost.

In this case, you will not see the nickname of the attacker, as well as the number of attacking troops. You can withdraw your reinforcements at any time.

This can be done in the troop review window. Also, not all troops can be recalled, but only some of them. If you try to attack your own troops, you will receive a warning for example, your troops may be in reinforcements in the village you want to attack.

In the tooltip, you can see how many troops are in the selected village, and you can also recall them home. Speed and discipline.

You can see the speed of the troops in the troops overview window. When sending various combat units, the entire army will move at the speed of the slowest combat unit.

The return time may vary if all of your slowest troops die during the battle. An exception to this rule is a Paladin with the studied Walking Step technology.

When sending a Paladin with an army, it will move at the speed of the Paladin. Your troops are always sent directly to the destination village, i. When your army grows larger and consists of various troops, such as cavalry and siege weapons, the discipline of the army decreases.

This means that a slight deviation from the planned arrival time by a few seconds will be applied. Discipline can be improved by studying technology in the Barracks.

The wall greatly increases the defenses of the village. This applies to general defense, and troops in defense. The wall will protect your village well from looting, especially in the early stages of the game.

Later, the wall will become a good support for the defending forces. General protection. Each village has a common defense. This means that the village is defending itself even if there are no troops in it.

With small attacks, such as 1 or 2 spearmen, the village will be able to defend itself, and the attacking troops will die.

Overall defense can be enhanced by upgrading the Wall. Bonus to protection. The defense bonus applies to all troops defending your village, including reinforcements.

Each of your villages must be located in a province in which there is at least one Church. When sending reinforcements, the faith of the village to which the troops were sent will be applied to your troops.

There is a chapel in your first village. A chapel is a special kind of church: each player can have only one chapel, and it cannot be destroyed by catapults.

The chapel has the same influence as the first level church. If your first village is conquered, you can build a chapel in any other village.

With the help of spies you can get important information about the villages of your opponent. In order to carry out espionage, you need a tavern and at least one spy.

After that, you can send one or more spies for reconnaissance. There are 3 types of intelligence:. Note that you need to send at least 3 scouts for Diversion.

The speed of the scouts differs depending on the mission: with sabotage they will move 4 times slower than with reconnaissance.

Enemy sabotage will fail more often than in villages that do not have this research. The enemy will not know about the spies until they go to his village.

There is also a chance that the enemy will not know about espionage at all. The only way to protect your village from espionage is to have your own spies.

If espionage is successful green icon in the report , then the last report will be automatically published for your tribe: each tribal member will be able to see the report in the village information window.

But remember: some spies can die while defending themselves from enemy spies. You will not always receive a report about this, so check your spies regularly.

You can also counteract enemy spies. This is an easier way than destroying all the spies. In order to counteract spies, you must have at least one spy of your own in the village.

There are 4 types of measures:. In order for the countermeasures to work, you need to have at least one scout in the village. Also, the chance that the countermeasure will be activated during espionage is not great.

Example spy report for troops:. Paladins can be recruited through the Statue. If you want, you can rename your Paladin. If the Paladin dies, then it can be recruited through the Statue again.

The paladin will help with robberies at the beginning of the game. It will reduce losses and will also be able to transfer many resources.

The paladin is also good at defense. It is most effective when your allies send reinforcements along with the Paladin.

The paladin is important in the later stages of the game, as it increases the speed of movement for your reinforcements.

When you study the "walking step", each warrior in your army sent along with the Paladin will move at his speed. Once you have built several Statues, you can transfer the Paladin from one village to another.

A paladin can be armed with special weapons that will affect the strength of one of the troops during an attack or defense.

The attack power of the troops increases only if the Paladin accompanies the army during the attack and is armed with the necessary item.

Defense strength increases if the Paladin is in the attacked city and is equipped with the necessary item.

Several Paladins with the same weapon do not increase defense power several times. However, Paladins with different weapons can increase the strength of different types of troops.

Battle modifiers Strength is not the only factor affecting the outcome of a battle. There are other factors that can change the course of the battle.

These factors apply to both attacks and reinforcements. An example of calculating an attack modifier all values are calculated as a percentage.

The final attack modifier can be seen in the combat report. When you hover over a value, you get the percentage. Example of calculating a protection modifier all values are calculated as a percentage.

Morality gives protection to beginners and players with few villages. Morale is calculated based on the number of points of the attacker and the defender.

Time is also one of the factors in calculating morality. Morality affects the strength of troops, which can be seen in the attack window.

Luck is a completely random element in every battle. In the attack report you can see the total bonus in the attack. When you hover over luck, you get individual percentages.

For experienced players: Values count as multiply. Good luck and failure is an exception to the rule.

In this example, the calculation will be like this: 1. Battle points. You get battle points after each battle.

They show how successfully you fight as an attacker BO for the attack and a defender BO for the defense. The number of points you receive depends on whether you were on the attack or on the defensive.

You can compare the number of BOs with you and another player in the ranking. Night bonus. If the night bonus is activated in the world, then it usually lasts from to However, world settings may vary.

The bonus does not affect spies, as well as attacks of barbarian villages. If during the attack the bonus was active, then this will be displayed in the report.

The night bonus is never used on international servers. Also, the night bonus is not active on Russian servers, due to the many time zones.

Therefore, the value 1. If you do not send the Grandmaster, then the value will be 1. Catapults and Ram. When attacking with catapults, you can choose the buildings that you want to destroy.

Please note that each building has its own protection factor. Various research and technologies also enhance the protection factor.

The Academy, the Hall of Orders and the Church have a greater factor than other buildings. The hospital cannot be attacked with catapults.

A ram is used to destroy the enemy wall. Ram attack twice. First, the rams attack before the start of the battle and reduce the defense of the city with a successful attack.

The second attack is made at the end of the battle, while the rams who survived the first battle attack the wall.

If your tribe uses the Iron Wall skill, then the wall cannot be destroyed below the level corresponding to the skill level.

Barbarian villages. You can easily find abandoned villages because they are called "Barbarian Villages. You can take over the barbarian village just like any other.

Despite the fact that the villages of the barbarians do not have an owner, they are still gradually growing. When a player deletes his account, after a while all his villages turn into barbarian villages.

Tribal Wars 2 awaits you: Step into in a world filled with knights, generals and political decisions. Fortify your castle, rally your army and attack!. Tribal Wars 2 vă așteaptă: Pășiți într-o lume plină de cavaleri, generali și decizii politice. Fortificați-vă castelul, instruiți-vă armata și porniți la atac!. Tribal Wars 2 Team. Jun 17, I'm suffering from my nobles should have left their Villages 2 hours ago and now I'm sleepy. Still unable to login. Login; Register; Tribal Wars 2 Attack Planner Tribal Wars 2 Attack Planner. Create Plan Select your Server Attacker login: Opponent login: Attack date: Tribal Wars 2 tě očekává: Vkroč do světa plného rytířů, generálů a politických rozhodnutí. Opevni svůj hrad, shromáždi svou armádu a zaútoč!.
Tribal Wars 2 Login

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Und tritt siegreich aus Kriegen hervor!
Tribal Wars 2 Login A player can play on multiple worlds with 1 account, however it is forbidden to play N1 Casino the same world with 2 or more accounts. Bewertungen und Rezensionen Alle anzeigen. Von dem Problem mit ParkplГ¤tze Bad Harzburg löschbaren Berichten ist uns allerdings bisher nichts bekannt. Gesondert geehrt werden die Spieler mit den meisten Siegpunkten und Kampfpunkten. A Tribal Wars 2, röviden TW2, egy középkori környezetben játszódó ingyenes online stratégiai játék, mely tele van lovagokkal, tábornokokkal és politikai döntésekkel. Egy háborúk által szétszaggatott világ egyik kastélyának uraként játszva meg kell védened és ki . Tribal Wars 2 – build and fortify your medieval castle. The West. Home-Rules-World Info-Support-Help-Forum-Follow us on. Login Tribal Wars. Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory. Register now for free! Screenshots of the browser game. Pășește într-o lume plină de cavaleri, generali și decizii politice - Jocul online gratuit de strategie medievală Tribal Wars 2 te așteaptă. Înregistrează-te acum! However, Paladins with different weapons can increase the strength of different Tipico Bonus Freispielen of troops. At the moment, the limit of your tribe is lower than the number of players. Information about the village. Vegas Slots Free chat feature is very useful if you are an active player in the tribe. The Troops filter will show all the troops in your village no matter where they are now. You Spiele Kostenlos Online Ohne Anmeldung Deutsch easily find abandoned villages because they are Best Fiends Spiel "Barbarian Villages. The "invite a friend" function allows you to send your friends an invitation to the game via email. Getting honor points. In addition, initially the language will be selected depending on the language settings of your browser. You can use filters both separately and together. The scale shows the ratio between the employed and the free population. An exception to this rule is a Paladin with the studied Walking Step technology. Replies 1 Views Next time, when the player you invited comes to the start page of the game, an invitation will appear on his screen and he will be Kostenlose Kinderspiele.De to accept it. Its worth Www.Jetztspielen.Ws wait. All I did was Freeslotsmachines a report to the 'Game Feature Discussions' and then restart my comp, and suddenly I can't log in to my account at all? Replies 9 Views


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